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Author James Calderwood Releases New Novel The Opal Dragon

(February 3, 2015) – James Calderwood released his new book The Opal Dragon in late January, featuring a storyline of a mother and her son’s turbulent events in the Philippines.

“This story is unlike anything I’ve written before,” said Calderwood. “It’s filled with thrilling crimes, murder, love, sex and despair.”
The story features the life of two characters Zeena, a prostitute, and her son Ali. Together, they work to overcome abuse and escape poverty by taking part in murder, the drug trade and later start a dangerous opal business.

If you are looking for a real page turner, then this is it. I was not disappointed by this book because I found it very exciting. I enjoyed the way the story flowed with ease and I did not want to stop reading. The book is centred on Ali who was his mother’s pimp. Together they lived a life of crime and sordid activities. Ali was involved in stealing, murder, drugs etc.

While his mother continued as a prostitute. As the story unfolds, we see Ali become involved in more criminal activity. We also see the softer side of Ali as he falls in love. There are a lot of twists and turns in this book that you will be held spell bound. The author has done a wonderful job, carefully weaving together a lot of intricate details. This has produced a book that will keep you in suspense and very entertained. This is an interesting book that would appeal to anyone who likes thrillers. I highly recommend this book.

‘The Opal Dragon’ is a rewrite asked for by an Adelaide movie producer. He wanted one of the town thieves to be bought to the fore in this book. Ali The Dragon, a small-time pimp and thief in the local market, steals a bag of money and jewelry and enters the local drug trade. He leaves the Philippines after hearing the local mafia is going to tech him and his mother to swim with a chain around their legs.

He murders one of the Mafia boss’s before leaving for Australia. He finds the local opal industry and joins with the local opal thieves to buy their opal. The characters from Opal Egg Of fire are included in    Bryce Courtney style, where the two opposing characters cross paths in this book.
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