Opal Eggs Of fire


G’Day I am an Australian author, inventor, farmer, opal miner amongst other things. I have four books in my stable at present and am desperately looking for sales.

My titles are ‘Opal Eggs Of Fire’. This is a story of Australian farmers facing the third year of drought. The sheep and crops are dying, and the bank is threatening to sell their farm, interest rates are a crippling 20%.

The next-door farm has two old characters who have been to Coober Pedy and found some good opal and have paid off the bank. John and Tony accompany them to Coober Pedy where they drill up some very good opal.

They take the old farm dozer to dig out the claim and find millions of dollars in opal, including four large black opalized dinosaur eggs worth over a million dollars each. The town thieves set about trying to steal these and the large stash of cash in the old safe. Sixty different nationalities work at Coober Pedy. Some of these people do not know the meaning of honesty.

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