Bernardo’s circus


Bernado’s Circus follows the plight of a nine-year-old Polish Gypsy lad who witnesses his parents and clan being exterminated by the SS during WW2. Bernado finally is caught stealing to try to survive and is sent to an orphanage where conditions are foul beyond belief. Bernado is attacked by one of the priests on numerous occasions.

He stabs this priest in the eye and escapes. After working clearing bombed building sites. He starts to find stray dogs who he trains to make money when not working. A ring master of a large circus sees one of the performances and invites Bernado to join the circus. The young Bernado is an instant hit with the pretty girls in the circus. The girls take the willing pupil to teach him the facts of life. Bernado teaches two of his dogs to accompany him on nightly forays to steal purses and cases from an unsuspecting victim as the circus travels from town to town. He is making a small fortune. Sex scenes as in Fifty Shades of Grey are in this Erotic novel.

I am working on my fifth book at this time. This is the story of a friend who was a money magnet in the Opal fields He found millions of dollars and had problems with fast cars, slow horses and, expensive women and the taxation department.

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